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Looking for the best wedding photographer or videographer in Patna? then your search ends at Foto Phactory, it is one name that you must try for the best wedding photographers & videographers in Patna. We have the best professional photographers in the entire Patna city.

Beginning of a new chapter in your beautiful journey!

We don’t just shoot your special day festivities, we believe in the storytelling of your beautiful journey using our trending, innovative techniques, and exceptional ideas.

Since Indian wedding photography & Videography, scenarios have transformed from simply coverage into theme-based documentary making while not deviating from capturing those very special traditional, fun, and off-beat candid moments for creating those tailor-made candid wedding photography films and unique wedding albums, and of course the memories.

Your Candid Wedding Photography

The definition of Candid Photography by Foto Phactory says that perfect moments are not created, they just happen and that’s when we capture those perfect magical moments in everlasting frames for you to cherish them forever.

Foto Phactory has the best candid wedding photographers in Patna to capture the candid beauty of the people enjoying their wedding while we take you for a joyful ride full of all those emotions of joy, smile, tear, happiness, unnoticed adorable looks, and many more uncounted. While you create an amazing story of your life, let us make it memorable by capturing each and every moment of it in the form of your candid wedding photography and lock it in your wedding album forever.

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Revisiting & Reliving those moments with your loved ones

We all wanna revisit those lovely moments of our life, wonder how beautiful they were, and wish we could relive them. Well, we often do that magical and nostalgic time travel through our perfectly clicked photographs. And that is why you want someone to click those perfect moments for you.

To Cherish those beautiful moments at any point in your life, you want a professional wedding photographer who can make your pictures live and tell the entire story of your wedding through a single frame hence it is necessary to carefully select that person who understands the value of your special wedding day and the memories.




We are best Wedding Photographers in Patna

And that is why we all want our wedding day as well as wedding photography to be perfect and no compromises should be made while choosing the perfect wedding photographer for your special day. And we at Foto Phatory understand and live that emotion for you, which makes us unique and special in clicking your perfect wedding moment with your loved ones.