September 2023 | DELHI (Noida )


The love story begins with both of them sitting on a beach in Chennai in their 4th year of engineering. The girl said that she likes him and the boy had no idea of how to put together all the mixed feeling he had for her as of friend for almost 3 years and recent feelings for her. Things went quickly fast and everyone now know that they both were dating. College got over and after, he moved to Pune and later, fortunately, they started living in the same city. Things were going great but fate does want to give them a bit of taste of bitterness. He moved to USA and she moved to Australia. During the last 2020’s, things started to ramp up and they decided to start rolling the ball bit by bit. They both stayed strong for almost 2 years and faced all the challenges during the 16 hours difference in their life. But we know when you are destined to meet and marry, you do not decide everything in the path, it comes and you just need to embrace it. Here, they are getting married this year with all their hearts for each other. She is Katyayni Ghagre, the most gorgeous, kind and confident girl for him and he is Tuhin Ranjan, who just want to make her his life