Looking to book the best pre-wedding photographer in Patna city? You’re at the right place then.

It’s the beginning of a new chapter in your life

Pre-wedding photoshoots are all about narrating the beginning of the new chapter and a beautiful journey in every couple’s life, and each journey is different hence our pre-wedding photoshoots are reflections of the couple’s individual personalities while bringing up the honesty and uniqueness of every couple’s journey. Our aim is to capture the beautiful, priceless moments at the breathtaking locations that will add up to the new chapter of your fairytale memories. Cause in the end, we as human beings love to collect our memories.

The start of a journey

Is it really worth the Hype?

Looking at other’s weddings, we’ve all imagined and planned out our whole wedding, even without being aware of the life partner. Weddings are sacred and honestly beautiful. Two souls aggreging to spend the rest of their lives together, building a family and never looking back. Getting married is the official stage where you take up the responsibility of not just yourself but your partner as well as the family.

Every second before getting married scares you after all life’s not going to be the same anymore but it will definitely just turn around to be graceful.

Searching for the best pre-wedding photographer?

Planning out your own wedding is more stressful than actually getting married. The pre-wedding rituals, post-wedding rituals, errands, so much to do and so little time. So, planning out the wedding is supposed to be this stressful? Or can we eliminate a few things off our list?

A pre-wedding photoshoot is on everyone’s bucket list. So, is it important or a wedding can go on without the ritual?

Why we are different

Know your Pre-Wedding photographers & their style.

  • Helps you build the bond between you and your wedding photographer It is important to have a good bond between the couple and the wedding photographer. The wedding day is the most important one and you don’t want to be a stranger to your wedding photographer so they can understand your personality and consider your likings and dislikings. The aesthetics of weddings have changed, the pictures aren’t all smiley and posey. Things have changed with the generation. That’s why, it’s important to build a great relationship with your photographer so that he knows more about you and can bring out something that calls out your vibe and when you look back, it’s not just the pictures but good times.
  • Helps the photographer know about you more As important, it is for your partner to get to know you well before the wedding, it’s also important for your photographer to know you both too before the wedding. It makes the photographer expand his ideation process, give out more and help you get things your way. You can get to your best angles, positions and don’t have to worry about your bad angles during the wedding. You can also figure out what works for you the best- portraits, candid, or magazines.
  • You can add more memories to your album The more the merrier! Holding onto memories is one of the most emotional things. Looking back at how you had started out and where you’ve come is always a story to tell. How to choose the right photographer?
  • Find the photography style that you want As crucial as it gets, it’s important to have a photography style to make you and your partner both feel comfortable around the camera as well as the photographer.
  • Interview the photographers Interviewing the photographers, knowing about their aesthetics and style is important before you hire them. So, if you are choosing someone and paying them, make sure to pick the one that fits in your box because you wouldn’t compromise later.
  • Communicate with the photographer Once you’ve hired the photographer, have a talk with them. Tell them about the things that you like, how you would want the pictures to turn out, what’s the idea behind them.
  • Choose your venue according to your aesthetics
  • Choose a place where you feel alive the most, a place that tells your story.


Pre-wedding photography is crucial in order to create memories. So, if you are planning to get one pre-wedding shoot done then we must say that you should go for it. Plan things according to what you and your partner like and watch your wedding turn out to be one of the most memorable days of your life.