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Keep the memories of your new born forever

We all want to take fond memories of the journey of our life to our graves, from the time we are born till our last breath. And photographs rightly give shape to those memories. A precious little angel steps into your life and it is the most blissful feeling that one can ever have. Having a baby is one of the most touching moments that an individual fails to put into words, describe, or express. Parents today want to make their child’s birth more momentous which is why they get a professional photographer to capture the most uber-cool candid moments of their babies.

The new hype in the town

Newborn baby photography

 Baby photoshoots are the new hype in town; right from wailing baby frames to draping them in designer clothes, babies can give the top models a run for their money. The era of newborn baby photo shoots was started by the ace photographer Anne Geddes around the ’90s when she started photographing naked newborn babies in all-new avatars, like resting in some hollowed watermelons or on humongous flowers. And since then, baby photo shoots have been grabbing eyeballs.

the beginning of life

Creating Adorable memories

Babies are clicked in varied costumes. From pea pods and honey bees to unique animals and cute little monsters, parents leave no stone unturned in making their babies look adorable. Thanks to the trend of social media sharing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., the craze for newborn photo shoots has grown fourfold.
As cute as these photographs look, there are possible dangers with taking newborn pictures hence you need a very professional photographer who holds good experience handling these little monsters carefully and gently.

  • Newborn babies have immature and soft eyes. According to experts, while babies will shut their eyes on reflex when exposed to light, just a few milliseconds of strong light can cause permanent damage to their eyes.
  • Some adorable infant poses are actually dangerous to try at home. The newborns can get really hurt if inexperienced parents or/and photographers try to force them into unnatural and awkward positions to get the desirable outcomes.
  • Sharing your babies’ photos on social media often puts them at risk of Digital Kidnapping, which is a type of identity threat. This happens when someone collects photos of a baby from social platforms and reuses them with new names and identities, claiming the baby to be theirs.

We care and adore

Baby Photoshoot is not a cakewalk

Baby photoshoots are great if we exercise caution. It is better not to force babies into unusual poses. It is understandable that people want to share about their family on social media but the baby photos have to be chosen carefully and the ones that are posted publicly, should be watermarked. Parents are of the opinion that they get busy raising their kids and often fail to cherish some special moments of their precious ones. Hence, the trend of baby photo shoots is here to stay, relive and revisit those moments all your lifetime.

Carrying out newborn baby photoshoots with babies is not a cakewalk. The main task of conducting these shoots is to understand the emotional status of the baby since babies are unpredictable. Few important things that we keep in mind are –

  • The baby should have completed his/her sleep
  • He/She should have been properly fed.
  • He/She should be fresh enough to carry out the shoot
  • The child should be engaged with different toys throughout the shoot.

A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.

- Eda J LeShan

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Since a baby brings a lot of happiness and laughter to our lives hence needless to say that a baby photoshoot is all you want to capture these moments in your memories forever, starting from that adorable smile to learning to walk or a 5 year old riding the bikes for the first time. We keep these adorable memories intact in pictures and videos with our innovative and unique ideas by our professional baby photography approach.