We capture photos that tell it's story it self.


We specialize in all kinds of photoshoots starting from wedding photoshoots, pre-wedding photoshoots, engagement photoshoots, professional portrait photoshoots, family portrait photoshoots, couple portrait photoshoots, candid portrait photoshoots, baby photoshoots to maternity photoshoots, and many more all in your beloved Patna.

Just like Indian wedding Photography, wedding videography has gone through a major transformation in the past few years from just simple coverage to theme-based cinematography while narrating the exotic story of the couple & the holy family union.
Exquisite, timeless, and mesmerizing wedding photographs of your special day.
Quirky and traditional Indian weddings are our love to capture, and can’t wait for yours!

Making your moment memorable For ever


An Artistic & Creative photographer, Shashi Roy – is the founder of Foto Phactory.

He has been conceptual in the way of seeing through the camera applying his thoughts & imaginations with over a decade of experience in photography & film-making.

He has an expertise over Candid Photography, Studio Portraits for New-born babies, Kids, Matrimonial, Maternity, Modelling portfolios, Couples, Families, etc.

Photography is my passion, It is the way of my thought seeing through camera, Every picture say something, As a Photography, Picture is not just a frame for me it is my dedicated effort for making it lively.


Capturing your memories in perfect frames

It takes a master craftsman & a lot of observation to capture the magical moments , which come with years of shooting experiences of wedding photography & create those memories for you which you are going to cherish for a lifetime. And that’s what you are going to pay them for ‘the meaningful wedding photographs’.

They know the situations, they know ‘that moment’ and that’s how they will deliver mind-blowing captures. That’s what professional wedding photographers are known for.

Our Approach

Foto Phactory is known as the best candid wedding photographer and videographer in Patna. We aim to create perfect memories of your special day for you to look back at, create beautiful stories out of your small moments and give them a perfect frame to laugh at and show off all those emotions in one frame.

We use the most artistic, bold approaches so that your wedding photographs are timeless and can be passed on as family heirlooms. We are known for being a fun, off-beat, most unique, and modern approach for creating heavenly stories from the best day of your life. We ensure to emphasize the enriched Indian culture and be rooted in it while keeping a modern approach to keep your wedding tales timeless.

We believe that each couple has a unique story and personality which must reflect in their wedding photoshoot or pre-wedding photoshoot. Photo Factory has the best professional wedding photographers in Patna who ensure to use the modern/trending techniques and a unique approach for individual couples to bring out the unique and the most beautiful tales.

We make your wedding photoshoot fun-oriented, powerful, and emotionally enriched with the best portrait photoshoot studio in Patna. With the best professional photographers onboard we create magical portrait photography results.

Our Techniques & Equipments


We use the best modern and updated equipment to make your special day even more special by using the latest updated techniques. We specialize as the best candid wedding photographers & Videographers in Patna.

Being professional wedding photographers we use the full-frame DSLR or mirrorless system. As per the requirement of the locations and different styles of photographs the camera is also changed. Our team has the ability to work in high ISO and full-frame sensor size while keeping the great focus which enhances the picture quality.
We shoot in the RAW as it gives us more play when we edit the photographs to make it a breathtaking one. Our system deals with different lenses as per the requirement and wide variety of primes, or fast zoom lenses with great resolving power and extended focal range.

Our Team

Our team has the best professional candid wedding photographers/videographers in Patna, which hold expertise in creating beautiful love stories out of your wedding & pre-wedding photoshoot. Our team is incredibly passionate, hard-working, and definitely crazy after getting perfect frames and perfect candid shots to cherish your big day till eternity with their skillful wedding photography.

With the most amazing technically sound and professional photographers we create the most inspiring creativity out of your theme-based photoshoots. With the most artistic approaches, our professional photographers ensure to bring out the best themes from aerial photography to black and white photography and everything possible.